We’re improving our services and gradually renewing our Online Shop

Welcome to our new website! Our busy Online Shop vr.fi is being renewed. Our aim is to serve you better at all stages of your journey. We want our services to work smoothly and seamlessly on different devices. The clear functionalities in VR Online Shop guide you forward and our new fresh appearance conveys the relaxed atmosphere on board.

We’re working gradually to be able to offer you new services and features as soon as possible so that you can give us feedback on how they work. We aim to have our entire Online Shop renewed by year 2017. Typically for the development stage, you will see and experience both new and old services side by side for a few months. We hope that you can actively give us feedback on our renewed services.

Firstly, we have renewed the services for those who use the VR Commuter area traffic in the metropolitan area. So, if you use the trains operating in the direction of Lahti, Riihimäki or Karjaa, you will be among the first people to use the new service. You can now buy a commuter train ticket conveniently either from the Online Shop or from VR Commuter mobile app.

Our service utilizes the Finnish Transport Agency’s Digitraffic interface (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0).