The reorganisation makes it easier to buy train tickets by phone, tablet or computer.

The reforms under way now are part of a larger development project that will make ticket purchases by all terminal devices less troublesome, faster and clearer. Our new, fresh image is already reflected in our relaxed travel atmosphere! During the first stage, you can buy tickets for commuter train services in the direction of Riihimäki, Lahti or Siuntio either via the new mobile application or the website. In practice, the reorganisation applies to R-, T-, D-, Z- and Y-trains.

VR Commuter mobile application in brief

The new VR Commuter mobile application provides the fastest, easier and most comfortable way to buy a ticket.

Your ticket is always valid for two hours. However, you can choose yourself when the validity of your ticket begins. You can choose the validity of your ticket to start immediately, or choose it to start later today or tomorrow, for example.

The easiest and most practical way for you to buy the ticket is while you're logged in with your Veturi user ID. One log-in at the start is sufficient. After that, you can buy your ticket with a few clicks. There is no need to re-enter for example your bank or credit card details.

The new application identifies your place of departure. It learns your most usual routes and can suggest them to you. Thus buying of a ticket is made faster and easier than before.

Tickets for commuter train services are now available in advance from the online service

If you want to buy a ticket for commuter train services beforehand from the online service, you can do that with a few clicks by logging in with your Veturi user ID, the same way as you do in the new mobile service. In this way, you will get your ticket to your email.

You can also bypass the log-in and buy your ticket without identification. In that case, the service won’t suggest you any route travelled earlier, which otherwise would make your purchase faster and easier.

The service allows you to choose the train, and the ticket will be valid for two hours from the moment of departure.

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