Frequently Asked Questions

What is Siirto mobile payment and how does it work?

With Siirto you can pay for your train ticket quickly and easily using your mobile phone. When you choose Siirto as the payment method, our online store will send a payment acceptance request directly to your mobile bank application. Accept the payment and you’ve paid for your train ticket! Currently, Siirto is available to Nordea, OP and S-Bank customers. Learn more about Siirto

What kinds of things are included in the VR Commuter mobile application?

In the VR Commuter application, you can buy tickets conveniently for VR’s commuter services between Helsinki, Tampere and Lahti routes. In practice, this means the R-, T-, D-, Z- and Y-trains in VR’s commuter train services area.

Why are there two applications: VR Commuter and VR Mobile?

We want to provide an easy-to-use application that uses the latest technology. We found it was impractical to modify the earlier generation VR Mobile application in accordance with all the wishes of our customers.

Why should I download the VR Commuter application? How do I benefit from logging in?

The VR Commuter mobile application is the fastest, safest and most comfortable way to buy train tickets when you travel between Helsinki, Tampere and Lahti routes. Once you have logged in with your Veturi user ID, you can then buy a ticket with a few clicks. The application can also identify the routes you have used the most often and your location as well.

If I am a Veturi member, do I have to re-register?

No, you don’t. The Veturi user IDs also work in the new application. When you first access Veturi, you must log in to the application.

Can I buy a single ticket without logging in?

Yes, you can. However, if you regularly travel between Helsinki, Tampere and Lahti routes, we recommend that you log in with your own Veturi user ID. This way, buying a ticket will be faster and easier than before.

For how long will the ticket remain valid?

The ticket will be valid for two hours. During that time it can be used for the route it was bought for between Helsinki, Tampere and Lahti on VR’s commuter trains. The ticket must be bought before getting into the train. In connection with a purchase, the VR Commuter application shows the next trains for which the ticket is valid.

Where are the tickets that are bought stored?

If you buy the tickets while logged in, they are stored in your own ticket folder.

Onto which phones can the new application be downloaded?

The VR Commuter applications can be downloaded onto iPhone and Android phones. Unfortunately, the application is not available for Windows Phone devices. The supported operating systems are iOS 9 and iOS 10 and Android versions from 5 onwards.

Can I buy a ticket for commuter services on

Yes, you can. Both on and in the VR Commuter application, you can choose a specific time and the ticket will be valid for two hours.

Should the ticket be valid before getting into the train?

Yes, the ticket must be valid when boarding the train.

Is the ticket valid only one way?

The ticket is valid one way on the route you have purchased it for.

Can I buy a text message ticket?

At the moment, you cannot, but we do listen to our passengers and carry out further development according to their wishes.

Can I also buy HSL train tickets through the application?

You won’t be able to buy HSL area tickets through the VR Commuter application, but in the future you will be able to conveniently move between various applications with the help of links.